MIllie Lucy Furniss Whittaker / First Husband

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When looking through old newspapers on, I found something quite unexpected. The following news article was published 5 May 1899 in The St Lawrence Tribune (page 3)

Arthur La Rue and Millie Whittaker were married on Tuesday 2 May 1899 in Gouverneur, New York.

So, it looks like Millie Lucy was married before she married Alfred Bush.  I have heard the name La Rue in connection the Bush/Whittaker side of the family, but the fact that Millie Lucy was previously married to a man named La Rue was definitely not known.

As I recall the La Rue family connection had something to do with a silent film actor, but I have not found any connection with Arthur La Rue and the early film industry.

Millie and Arthur La Rue are found in the 1900 US Census living in Potsdam Township, New York.

Millie Lucy's marriage to Arthur La Rue didn't last very long. Millie appears (using her maiden name) along with future husband Alfred Bush on the first page of The Ogdensburg Advance and St Lawrence Weekly Democrat on 12 November 1903 in the following news tidbit filed under the town of Madrid.

  12 November 1903

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